Saturday, 22 February 2014

END Generations of Neglect, Misrepresentation, Inequality and Discrimination - Vote RNU

Belfast City Council elections will take place on May 22, 2014. It will be the first chance in a few years that Belfast's electorate will be able to choose who they want to represent them and their communities in the Council Chamber.  Those elected Councillors are entitled to hold the position for a five year period and are allowed to vote on a number of important issues such as, rates, planning and refuse collection. Since the early Eighties, Ardoyne, most of the Bone and Ligoniel has been represented by Provisional Sinn Fein and the SDLP. Over the past three decades, the two Political Parties have promised voters much and delivered little in the way of radical change in a city dogged by discrimination and sectarianism.

As a Socialist-Republican, I am acutely aware of the needs of the electorate and their families in Nationalist North Belfast. That include more, decent social housing, affordable rates and better health and leisure facilities. For over a generation, successive Councillors have ignored and misrepresented people in Ardoyne, Ligoniel. New Lodge, Newington, Ligoniel, the Oldpark and Cliftonville areas. To such an extent that our people endure a severe lack of social/public housing, health/leisure facilities, extortionist rents charged by greedy landlords, unwelcome sectarian marches, political policing and sectarian head-counts. It matters not how many excuses are used by the current crop Nationalist Councillors about why these crucial issues have yet to be addressed. The reality is that these Councillors pretend to care about our communities while Nationalists across North Belfast continue to suffer.

The only way to end generations of discrimination and inequality in our areas is for the electorate to seriously consider the future of their communities. Do they want to cast their votes in favour of Political Parties who have proved beyond reasonable doubt their mistreatment of places like Ardoyne? Do they wish to be represented by Politicians who have neglected our community? Who only speak to voters whenever an election comes around?

Would they not prefer to directly challenge the establishment Parties on the Chamber floor? The Parties who implement cuts to housing, benefits, pensions etc? Would they like to radically change Belfast City Council into a people/community led Chamber? Instead of being profit-driven, focused on Party-Political agendas?

RNU Candidate, Sammy Cusick

If your answer to the above questions are YES, please ensure you are registered to vote as soon as is possible! The Republican Network For Unity (RNU) are fielding local Socialist-Republican, SAMMY CUSICK as a Candidate in the OLDPARK WARD in May's Council elections. RNU has a radical Manifesto to change the CONSTITUENCY for the benefit of ALL! Whilst RNU is a relatively-young REVOLUTIONARY REPUBLICAN POLITICAL ORGANISATION, we are highly-principled and ready to serve the Republican community. Based on our PLAN, RNU Activists will be visiting your homes and communities explaining the need to change to your political allegiances away from careerist and selective politics. 

For further information about the Republican Network For Unity (RNU), please click on the following link; 
You can contact Sammy Cusick through Facebook; . Or through Twitter; .


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  2. Vote for Sammy Cusick the RNU candidate of THE PEOPLES POLITICAL PARTY

    The RNU are running against the older political parties, such as the staid old SDLP and their staid old counterparts in Provisional Sinn Fein, who’ve for too long have made a career out of political posturing and have nothing new to offer the downtrodden working class electorate.

    Now the electorate have a fresh choice - the new forward-thinking political party of the Republican Network for Unity (RNU).

    Remember every vote cast for RNU is a vote for the Peoples Political Party who will fight for your civil rights to enjoy the same standard of living as the former voters of the entrenched staid old parties of the past.

    Vote for Sammy Cusick in the upcoming elections. He is poised to make a difference to the same old rhetoric from the same old political parties who’ve had long enough to change the lives of the working classes but failed miserable.

    Sammy Cusick of the RNU does not do failure.

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