Saturday, 1 February 2014

R.N.U. Activist, Sammy Cusick's Speech at North Belfast Civil Rights Association (NBCRA) Rally

Today's Civil Rights Association (NBCRA) March and Rally was successful for a number of reasons. Sixteen years after the Belfast Agreement (GFA) promised a better future, residents again took to the streets demanding adequate housing and proper leisure facilities for the Nationalist & Republican Community in North Belfast. The discrimination against our areas is outdated & unacceptable. It is the first in a series of events that the NBCRA in highlighting these issues in the coming year.


The following text was made in a speech today (Saturday 1st February) by the Republican Network for Unity's (RNU) Candidate for the Oldpark Ward, Sammy Cusick in the upcoming Belfast City Council Elections.

RNU Candidate, Sammy Cusick at the NBCRA Rally

'Thank you for the invitation to speak at today's important rally. We have just highlighted the increasing need for adequate housing and leisure facilities for every resident in North Belfast. I'm pleased to be part of this community's demand for civil rights. For too long, basic human rights have been diluted by Politicians, Community Workers and Clergymen. People who promised they would properly represent our communit...y. Instead they watered down the rights our parents and grandparents struggled for in the Sixties and Seventies. Therefore, it's great to see ordinary people marching for the restoration of the hard won reforms of the original Civil Rights Campaign.

As the father of five young daughters, I am acutely aware of the necessity for a better way forward for the North Belfast community. Our children have very little to look forward to in their future. Despite of the talent and skills of young people, many of our schools continue to suffer from low educational attainment. The lack of employment prospects for young people have grown dramatically over the past with many emigrating to other countries.

However, steps need to be taken by us all, if we are to end discrimination in housing and facilities for the Nationalist and Republican community in North Belfast. The priority at present is we must focus our attentions. This May's Council elections, everyone who is able to which has allowed our people to be not only misrepresented but also treated as second-class citizens in our own city. ote should ensure they are registered and not loose out on changing the course of history in the City Hall. For too long, Unionists and Imperialists have held the balance of power in the Chamber. The only way we can change that is to use our votes wisely by casting our votes in favour of those Candidates who will work towards ending the generations of discrimination endured by our communities.

In previous elections, Candidates have promised much and delivered little in the way of radical changes in the way people in Ligoniel, Ardoyne, Oldpark, Cliftonville and the New Lodge are treated. At least this year, we have a number of Candidates who have the community at the centre of the their Campaigns and I would urge you to cast your votes accordingly. On behalf of RNU, the North Belfast Civil Rights Association have our full support and we will work together closely until the rights of everyone is achieved'.

Henry-Joy RFB at today's March, New Lodge Road

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  1. In the wake of the new war of injustice against innocent suspects, we must not forget
    New labour and their MP's hiding files and evidence concluding victims were innocent
    of allegations, they rot in injustice whilst they hid evidence, of course we are seeing
    the same practice being run by the Liberal and Tory Governments, It is import that
    suspects have the right to cross referencing of evidence, it seems they is something
    seriously wrong with the way evidence is being cooked up by the Police and the Sorcerers at the CPS, perhaps the lawyers bank accounts are running low and they
    need a top up, putting innocent people on trial, for a refill, We are aware that documents and history files are being destroyed by the corporations, they are working
    like bever's to fabricate previous files that all tie in with each other, but we are not fooled, we know what their filthy game is, when will the real criminals be put on trial, we hear Norman Tebbit calling for people to be executed and shot in the back, and yet
    he faces no charges or condemnation for his remarks, of course we do need need to
    dive into other actions and comments of other MP's and lawyers and judges on the same wave length as Tebbit, such, such as Smith, and the likes of O'Reagan, we have
    a duty to secure the right of a just trial all people in the world have a duty to do so.