Sunday, 2 March 2014

Oldpark RNU Candidate Sammy Cusick Calls on North Belfast Criminal Gang to End its Insidious Activities

Oldpark RNU Candidate, Sammy Cusick has called on a Criminal Gang operating in North Belfast to immediately end it's thuggery against the local community.

Former Cogús POW, Paddy Larkin, New Lodge Resident, Paddy McCloskey and RNU Activist, Sammy Cusick with a large seizure of dangerous drugs handed over to Community Activists to be destroyed in 2011

Sammy Cusick said; 'Over the past few years, working-class communities across North Belfast have been plagued by Drug Dealers, who prey on the vulnerable. It is well-known that Irish Republicans have used a variety of tactics to limit the damage done but it has only scratched the surface.
RNU Ard Chomhairle Member, Ciaran Cunningham, Fr. Des Wilson and Sammy Cusick disposing of Heroin and Chrystal meth in 2012

In recent weeks, the Republican Network For Unity has been contacted by a number of distressed residents in the Oldpark & Ardoyne areas. They have told us of threatening visits to their homes by individuals purporting to be from a republican organisation, wrongly accusing them of being involved in the supply of drugs and demanding money in return for the threats being lifted. Leaving those intimidated under pressure to find large amounts of money, that they clearly do not have! Republicans should under NO circumstances ever demand money in return for threats being rescinded. I will expose anyone who does so! 

RNU Candidate, Sammy Cusick with a number of drug plants outside a North Belfast Primary School in 2013

RNU have however spoken to a number of Republican Groups, all of whom deny involvement in these attempts to extort money from people. From our findings we can only conclude, that the individuals behind these threats are nothing more than Criminals attempting to exploit the vulnerability and fears of local residents. Anyone using the name of Republicanism for personal gain does a grave disservice to the thousands of Patriots who sacrificed their liberty and lives for a 32 County Democratic Socialist Irish Republic and should hang their heads in shame'.  

Sammy Cusick concluded; 'Republicanism is a noble ideology, one in which we desire a better Ireland for all our people. The use of Republicanism to exploit the vulnerable and extort money from our fellow citizens is against everything we stand for. RNU demand an immediate end to the insidious activities of this Criminal Gang'.


  1. Well done to Ardoyne Republican for exposing this insidious scam.

    Everyone one should give Sammy Cusick the RNU candidate the vote to enable him to have more power and resources to handle these scumbags who have used the name of Republicaism in an attempt to extort monies from the working classes.
    It all sounds like a scam to me. But that is not to say the victims of this hideous crime see it that way.


    Small-time Drugs Pushers, Small-time Drug Peddlers, Organised Drug Pushers are a thorn in our society.

    These leeches attach themselves to the young and vulnerable within the working classes. Knowing there are no proper facilities to enable our young to meet up in a safe environment outside to confines of their homes.

    Drug Dealers, small-time or Big-time do not care for the children whose lives they have ruined.

    Drug Dealers, small-time or Big-time do not care for the families who fear for their loved ones predicament knowing they have nowhere to socialise away from these leeches.

    The only winners are the political police who use these Dealer in Death scum to get a foothold in working class areas and gather intelligence via these Drug Lords or their now desperate drug addicts’.

    Is it not now time to name and shame these Dealers in Death?

  3. “RNU is a relatively-young REVOLUTIONARY REPUBLICAN POLITICAL ORGANISATION, we are highly-principled and ready to serve the Republican community”.

    The RNU may indeed be a “relatively young” political organisation, RELATIVE only to the older entrenched political parties, such as the staid old SDLP and their staid old counterparts in Provisional Sinn Fein, who for years have made a career out of political posturing and have nothing new to offer the downtrodden working class electorate.

    Happily now the electorate have a fresh choice - the new forward-thinking political party of the Republican Network for Unity (RNU).

    Remember every vote cast for RNU is a vote for the Peoples Political Party who will fight for your civil rights to enjoy the same standard of living as the former voters of the entrenched staid old parties of the past.

  4. I live in the US, and just read you're article, it's a sad state of affairs that vunerable
    working class people are being falslely accused of being drug dealers, and then subjected to balckmail for money, I thought only the police do this type of thing, surley reflection on the facts shows what scum these people really are, what a terrible existance their victims are forced to live, no one should have to live in fare,
    or under the duress of blackmail and extortion, the corporations fail to protect the
    public their motive being money and profit, but what about the mother and her children who are forced to live under this umbrella, sometimes we need to engage
    in deep thought and prayer, the answers will present themselves on the solution to
    the problem, and what effefective justice and remedies can be provided to such victims for the terrible distress and trauma they have been forced to endure.